Tabletop Processing sketches frame 2012

As a gift for a friend I made a sort of tabletop picture frame, which displayed little animations generated by Processing sketches.


I took a cheap ~50£ Android tablet and discarded the enclosure so I could make a cuter one. The assembly of these tablets is super simple and consists of literally four pieces: board, battery, screen and speaker.


I cut-out a "border" out of a black foam sheet (it's actually two borders glued together as the sheet wasn't thick enough). I then cut-out a bezel for the screen from a white glossy plastic sheet.


I made a cut on the side for a piece of wood (a pencil looks cute) that would reach the on/off button…


...and a cut at the bottom for the mini-usb power cable.


I glued a white piece of foam as the back, with an additional white strip of plastic to work as the stand.


I then put on the tablet a Processing sketch alternating a few animations, disabled all the "sleep" settings, and left the sketch as the only available auto-launched app.